Drainage Millstadt, IL

Kleinschmidt Landscaping is experienced in all kinds of drainage solutions for residential yards, commercial and municipal properties, farm fields, and sink holes. Let our experience help you to come up with a plan to fix your drainage and flooding problem. Call us for a free on-site consultation.

Yard Drainage

Your yard plays an important role in protecting your home from flooding. A properly graded yard can minimize minor drainage problems and prevent more serious flooding conditions.

Yard grading often changes over time due to both natural and man-made causes.

  • Ground settlement could cause the ground or any pavements to slope and direct stormwater towards your home.
  • Erosion - heavy rainfall or sump pump and downspout discharge could cause soil erosion resulting in isolated low spots where water may collect.
  • Landscaping - installation of planting beds, berms and retaining walls could change the yard grading and potentially obstruct the intended path for drainage of stormwater from within the yard and adjacent yards.
  • Home and Yard Improvements - Many common home and yard improvements could change yard grading and potentially create obstructions to the intended stormwater drainage path. Examples of common improvements that could impact yard grading and drainage include:
    • House additions
    • Patios or decks
    • Pools
    • Fences
    • Sheds and gazebos
    • Sand boxes or swing sets

Drainage Solutions

  • Correcting your slope with grading
  • Adding gutter downspouts with an extension
  • Creating a swale or catch basin
  • Installing a drain

Sometimes, corrective grading is all that is needed to ensure that stormwater flows away from the house and not towards it. Many sites require drainage ditches or trenches to handle excess water, in addition to underground drainage solutions.

Types of Landscape Drainage Systems

Since there are different types of drainage systems available, we take the time to survey your property in order to determine which systems would work best. If there are any existing yard drainage systems and you need them to be upgraded, we can handle that job too. The different types of landscape drains that we can install include:

  • French drains
  • Channel drains
  • Drywell systems
  • Grassy swales
  • Other

In most instances, we use a mix and match of different types of drains in order to achieve maximum efficiency in the system. We use high-quality products in our work and make sure that experienced landscape drainage installers handle the job. This goes a long way in ensuring the durability and longevity of these installations.

Cost-Effective Drainage Systems

If you are looking for high-quality yard drainage services, you are at the right place. We are committed to customizing our services so that individual property owners, property managers, and contractors are assured of tailored solutions that fit their budget.

For more information, feel free to call Kleinschmidt Landscape Maintenance, Inc. at this number - 618-538-7003. You can speak with our experts and provide them your project details or send us your queries via this Online Form. We assure you of the best solutions at the most competitive landscape drainage cost.