Brush & Land Clearing

Brush & Land Clearing Millstadt, IL

If your lot is overgrown with tall grass and brush, and you need to improve the usability of the space, you would need the services of a local brush and land clearing contractor. We at Kleinschmidt Landscape Maintenance, Inc. offer a range of outdoor services including land clearing solutions. With over 33 years of experience behind us, we have handled a large number of site clearing jobs.

We cater to residential and commercial clients and make sure that the solutions we offer meet our client’s needs. If you are looking for top-notch, efficient brush clearing solutions, you are at the right place.

Why Have Brush Cutting Done?

Regardless of the scale and scope of your brush moving or plant thinning requirement, we are the professional brush and land clearing experts that can provide reliable, efficient, and cost-effective services. There are several reasons why you should get brush cutting done such as:

  • Overgrown grass on your property affects its aesthetics
  • It prevents you from using the space optimally and can pose a fire hazard too.
  • The grass and plantings can quickly become the ideal space for poison ivy and other similar undesirable plant species to grow.

Local Brush Cutting and Land Clearing

Whether you need professional assistance to remove dense ground cover and overgrowth, or clear brush from slopes, we are the residential and commercial brush clearing experts that can help. We provide comprehensive services and can also clear areas for survey lines/fence lines and can thin trees selectively as well.

We use the latest commercial-grade, compact brush cutters, and movers. Depending on the layout of the site, we may also use string trimmers in the job. This equipment can quickly cut through tall grasses and the toughest brush. Once all the overgrown brush and weeds have been cleared from the site, we will make sure that all the green waste is hauled and transported away from your site too.

Cost-Effective Brush Clearing Services

We make sure that the land clearing needs to be completed methodically in order to ensure that the site prep can be carried out properly before the structural work begins. For more information, feel free to call Kleinschmidt Landscape Maintenance, Inc. at this number - 618-538-7003.

You can speak with our experts and provide them your project details or send us your queries via this Online Form. We assure you of the best solutions at the most competitive brush clearing cost.