Commercial Snow & Ice Management

Snow Removal Millstadt, IL

Kleinschmidt Landscape offers commercial snow and ice management services for Monroe and St. Clair Counties in Illinois. We are competitively priced and are available 24/7.


We provide automatic snow removal to contracted clients. We service all size commercial and industrial parking lots including sidewalks. We also provide snow removal to non-contracted clients on a first come first served basis. Priority is given to contracted clients.


Bulk salt is used on parking lots, roads, loading docks, drive-thru lanes, etc. to remove any ice or snow build up after plowing has occurred. Bulk salt may also be used to rid of any ice or snow when plowing is not needed.

Bagged calcium chloride is used on sidewalks. It has a lower freezing point than rock salt, usually lasts for a longer period of time and is safer on concrete.

Pre-treating is sometimes used before snow or ice fall. This helps prevent the initial ice buildup and helps remove snow and ice when plowing begins. This can also be used to fight ice buildup on sidewalks. This process often helps save time and money.

Snow Plow

Our professionals that handle snow removal for you will use a number of different commercial equipment in the job. Snow plows are a vital aspect of these projects. This equipment is extremely effective in moving large volumes of snow within a short period of time. The snow removal company will send out skilled and experienced technicians to handle the job. They will also use manual methods and other smaller snow plowing tools to clear the snow from your property. They will complete the job safely and efficiently so that you are able to move around freely.

Snow Removal Services

When you are looking for a snow removal company, it’s important to hire a local, experienced and reputed contractor like us here at Kleinschmidt Landscape Maintenance. We will respond promptly and send out technicians to your location when you need them. This is especially important when there has been a snowstorm in the region. Not only do we have the right skills to handle complex snow removal jobs, but we also have advanced equipment and salting products to ensure that the snow and ice are removed quickly and efficiently.

Snow Plow Contract

A snowstorm or even regular snowfall can be unpredictable and can cause a considerable amount of inconvenience. This is why it makes sense to opt for a snowplowing contract. We will be responsible for tracking weather conditions in your specific area. If it is identified that there is a snowstorm on the way, we will quickly deploy skilled personnel to your location. They will use advanced tools such as snow plowers, salt spreaders and more to move the snow and relocated it from your property quickly and efficiently. We also provide customized snow plowing contracts based on your specific needs; which becomes a cost-effective and convenient option for you during the winter season.

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